G Suite is a web application that is made by google for business use. It is formerly known as Google Apps. Anyone can get started with a G -Suite account according to his domain name (example: name@yourcompany.com). G Suite provides email, Docs, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Hangouts, Slides, Drive for Storage, etc. Including all this it provides 30GB, 1TB or unlimited space depending on the plan & the storage is managed by Google.

#Top 10 Google G Suite Email Benefits:

    There are so many benefits to using a g-suit email. In this article, we are going to describe the most important benefits of G Suit.

    1. Creating Email(Domain-Based)

    2. Online & Offline Capabilities

    3. Video & Audio Communication facilities

    4. 30 to unlimited Storage.

    5. Cost Savings

    6. Easy to manage

    7. Email marketing

    8. Data Securities

    9. Shared Calendar

    10. Improve team collaboration.

#G Suite Email Certification

    The certification course of G Suite is for students as well as adults arranged by Google. After passing the professional course one can enable properly use G Suit in his workplace. The exam will be held for a 2hours duration. The registration fee for the course is about $37. The certification course language is only available in English.

#G Suite Pricing

There are three kinds of packages available in Google G Suite Basic, Business and enterprise. You can pay as monthly, you can also pay as yearly. Personal G-Suit up to 5 accounts, starter up to 25 accounts, Business G-Suit up to 25-49 accounts. See Package here: https://hostrare.com/cart.php?gid=12

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