When a server uses a Linux operating system is called Linux hosting. It is an open-source platform and widely used in web hosting. Linux OS is free, that’s why Linux hosting is cheaper than any other hosting. Here are some advantages of why we should choose Linux hosting for a web.


Linux hosting has compatibility with any other operating system. You never fell any difficulties with Linux if you develop a site with Java/Windows and host it on Linux.


a) Linux hosting is more secure than another hosting. Most Common hackers don’t like to target Linux.

b) In Linux, the codes can be made by anyone as their requirement and art of coding.

c) In this hosting malware can’t be installed and a password never is saved so that a hacker can’t be able stolen data.
Much Online banking systems also develop their banking system using Linux.


A server, resources like RAM, CPU, application program, Memory can be used multiple users at a time.

Fast Throughout:

Many servers may slow down as time passes by but the Linux server never slows down. Linux Always provides fast throughout.


All are trying to get secure and cost-effective hosting. Linux hosting is the greatest option for them. It’s the cheapest of all the quality servers. Linux Shared Hosting and Linux unlimited hosting packages are available. 


Many hosting servers and operating systems collect your personal and professional information, sometimes that breaks your privacy. Linux stores very simple data about its use for better usability. You always avoid all of the software and plugins you don’t trust.

Easy to Use:

Having a hierarchical file management and multiprogramming system, Linux hosting is very user-friendly and its software supports any different hardware.

Language Support:

About all the web soft/programing language and cross-platform like PHP, Fortran, Python, Perl, Ruby, Go, C, C++, WordPress support in Linux.

Now you can make a wise decision about why you choose Linux hosting. Hosting support can say about any hosting provider how it is good or bad. To get 24/7 support about hosting hosts your site with Hostrare.

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