You may hold an iPhone 11pro in your hand, the latest and smartest phone in the world. So that you know the majority of iPhone apps in the web store are premium. But some simple but awesome apps in the iPhone store provide you free.


Kik is a free messaging Apps supported at iOS. It needs not to give up your contact number. Only the user name can be required. It is like Facebook messenger apps. It is also called artificial conversationalist. You can pass a message, group chat, video sharing, photo update and gaming using this application.


It’s an education base apps focused on Space enthusiasts & scientific data updates. File Size 35.6 MB. Contain over 1800 images(updating daily). NASA made this free for the smartphone user. 


Free Language learning platform. The website and app can access without charge. In this platform, you are not alone. It says that every 34hours language practice with Duolingo is equivalent to a college semester. The toolbox of Duolingo is awesome and you can also use the app offline as a reader.


One kind of lifestyle and hobbies app. You can create short videos by yourself lip-syncing to audio. Although Dubsmash is kids friendly.


One of the most popular live-streaming apps. Always broadcast live songs, events, programs. Also known as Slacker Radio.


It’s a digital music service where you can play more than a million popular songs. Daniel EK established it. You can listen online and download songs offline and simply switch one device to another.


iPhones free cryptocurrency app. You can safely handle your online financial information using the app, secured touch id and face-lock can be used. It mainly uses to exchange currency.


The best iPhone’s tours and travel apps. Airbnb is a marketplace of hotel, motel, hospitality and sharing tourism experiences. You can choose your facility with trusted Airbnb and booking your hotel.


When visiting far away from your city or an unknown city. You can’t connect to the internet, is an offline map that provides you map without data or any internet connection. The apps direct your food corner, transportation, the hotel even your way direction with one click.


A popular Bi-Cycle ride tracking application for riders. Auto GPRS system, maps, zones, laps, announcements, graphs, intervals all necessary features are available. Cyclemeter is an advanced health & fitness category app.


Health and lifestyle categories app that mainly works as a Symptom Checker. It is more than a diagnosis of any virtual app. If you feel uncomfortable with your body’s organ. You just open the app and zoom in on your affected body part. The apps provide you some tips to solve it. Sometimes it’s suggested to your nearest specialized doctor or pharmacy.

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