SaaS is a software distribution model in which is centrally hosted and makes them available to its users through the internet. It is made on subscription basis web-based software. As a simple example, Gmail is a SaaS mail provider. We only use mail, storage drive, data, etc but we never host for it. Google Apps, MailChimp, Hubspot, Slack, Salesforce, ZenDesk, BigCommerce, etc are SaaS examples. It is a Cloud Computing service. SaaS users pay for it monthly or yearly. Cheap price is one of the reasons behind its popularity. SaaS features an update on is faster and secure than traditional based software. SaaS has made software to service. SaaS compatibility is well enough with any hardware, software and operating system software.

Most popular SaaS Applications:

    1. Customer Resource Management(CRM)

    2. Web Hosting

    3. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

    4. Ecommerce

    5. Data Management

    6. Project Management

    7. Accounting & Inventory

    8. Human Resources

Having a lot of facilities SaaS also entails some risks like Pricing, Security, Downtime, Solvency. The main problem in the SaaS provider’s downtime could be the user’s downtime.

Overall SaaS is a little better than traditional system software services.

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