For a small business or large business, a website is always necessary for a business. And when the business is depending on the website then you have to think wisely about which plan is suitable for the business.

Most of the time I see people start with a shared plan and later on upgrade it to a dedicated server. In some cases, I notice a bit different, people start directly with cloud hosting or dedicated hosting and stick to it. That means it’s no longer necessary to follow the traditional rule. 

So, if the choice is between Cloud Server or Dedicated Server, which one suits best for your business as cost effective solution? You’re going to find the legitimate answer very soon. All you need to do is to read the content as today, I am about to break down the topic.

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Compared to other hostings, cloud hosting works in a completely different way. It hosts websites by spreading data over several machines instead of relying on a single server. The technology they use is known as cloud computing technology. 

Here the data management process is done by a virtual machine that has access to various servers in the cloud. 

There are different cloud hosting plans available both for small businesses and large entrepreneurs. 

Advantage and Disadvantage of Cloud Server

In this section, you’re going to learn the benefits and drawbacks of having cloud services.


  • The main benefit of having a cloud server is it ensures Pre-installed elastic web server support along with custom stack software optimization. (For the CMS sites which run on LAMP)
  • Load balancing performance is great on a cloud server.
  • For the CMS website, cloud hosting allocates more CPU cores, RAM, I/O processes.
  • Page loading speed is faster.
  • Available in different plans.
  • Highly secure and you don’t need to maintain the security issue like the dedicated server.


  • You won’t get 100% flexibility to modify web server stack software installation.
  • Comparatively less customizable than dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is all about configuration and customization. It indicates a business site having its serval without any shared site with the server. When you have a dedicated server you are the owner and you can customize it according to the traffic level. It is also a premium hosting service especially used by large entrepreneurs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Server

In this segment, I’m going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a dedicated server.


  • First, a dedicated server is fully customizable. 
  • Handling complicated software is easier with a dedicated server.
  • You have the right to create a custom web server environment.
  • Perfect for taking the load of huge traffic.


  • The main disadvantage of a dedicated server is that system administrators will be responsible for all aspects of site security including the OS, framework, and other installed extensions.
  • When you want to lease a dedicated server the cost is comparatively higher than others.

Comparing Between Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server

To establish your business you need a website and before that making, the decision is an important task. So the main confusion arises whether you should opt for a cloud server or dedicated server.

First talk about the pricing. For the small business, cloud server offers web server resource scalability and dedicated server offers web server hardware for high traffic. Here the price range is almost the same for both servers. But considering some other facts and extensions, a cloud server is comparatively cheaper, especially for small entrepreneurs.

Cloud hosting generally offers a PaaS option (Plug and Play) which allows the small webserver to transfer their existing site to a better web server for better performance and better page caching.

On the other hand, a dedicated server offers base hardware resources that allow the users to make custom installation with the third-party framework required for the complex program, programming language extensions, tools, utilities, and others which ensures better performance of the website.

Finally, in the case of security and customizability – both of them are highly secured but a dedicated server is more customizable.

Final Discussion

I think the above data will be enough to let us decide whether you are going for a cloud server or a shared plan for dedicated server upgradation. If you plan to go for a shared plan first and then a dedicated plan then I think directly opt for a cloud server is better.

As I mentioned before, cloud servers offer different plans and some of them are affordable for small businesses. But if you would love to get a custom site with more configuration on your own then a dedicated server will be a better option for you however you must be ready to open your wallet a little bit wider. 

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You’re going to find the legitimate answer very soon. All you need to do is to read the content as today, I am about to break down the topic.