If you are asked to name two powerful hosting servers you must think of cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Less or much all of us are familiar with the above 2 immensely powerful hostings. Today, we’re going to discuss one of them – Dedicated server.

Though we are familiar with dedicated servers most of us don’t know the real benefits of dedicated hosting and when to switch to it. When it’s time it’s necessary to upgrade your shared plan to dedicate plan. 

Probably you would love to know the reasons for switching and the proper time to switch. The article is all about the following fact – Why and when considering a Dedicated Server for your application in Bangladesh?

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Simply, dedicated hosting indicates a website having its own server all to itself. They generally come at a premium and no one is connected with your server. Here you are the owner of the server and the service provider will manage everything about the server.

Most websites start with a share plan and exceed the limit of the plan. Dedicated hosting offers flexibility as well as immense power. Plus, here the limitations are also lesser than the regular hosting plans. 

Dedicated hosting might seem expensive. But comparing the separate space, speed, and other performances, the overall cost is very low. However, in the next segment, we are going to learn about the reasons you should get dedicated hosting.

Why Consider a Dedicated Hosting?

As we mentioned before along with cloud servers, dedicated hosting is a type of premium service. Here I am mentioning some reasons why you should consider a dedicated server for your application in Bangladesh.

1. Holding Performance with Growing Traffic

All of a sudden, your website can get huge traffic due to some quick rankings. It must indicate a big profit to your business but what if the website can’t take the load and work as a slippery slope? It must drop the traffic again. It wouldn’t happen if you would use dedicated hosting. 

However, if you are using a share plan and anticipate a traffic spike, then you should quickly switch to a dedicated server for the best UX.


Fortunately, a dedicated server ensures the highest level of security as you’re in charge of everything there. There is no connected device with your server. Besides, you have the right to optimize the features according to the requirements.

3.Page Speed

Another great reason is to ensure optimal page loading speed. On shared hosting, you have no permission to monitor any insight such as the resources which are slowing down the website.

Already mentioned, on a dedicated hosting you can monitor almost everything and the biggest plus point is, the hosting provider will guarantee the required bandwidth your site needs to enhance the overall performance including page loading speed.

4.Stable Performance

If you’ve already experienced up and down in the overall performance of your website then you probably look for a stable plan. Dedicated hosting is the solution to your problem. 

Here you won’t face any failings in the performance of your server. Whether traffic is low or high on your website it will always remain stable.

When Do You Need Dedicated Hosting?

You’ve already understood why you need a dedicated server. But now it’s to know when it is required.

1.Is your site getting slow?

Most people consider starting with a shared plan and when their site grows they start losing speed. In that case, you should upgrade the server to a dedicated server.

2.Is the space running out?

After the year-long posting, the space of the service might run out or reach its peak. It can be a reason for bad performance. If you are facing this problem you should switch to a dedicated hosting plan.

3.Want to protect the site from hackers and other viruses?

If you are having a well-performing site and you want to protect it from all types of cyber-attacks you should opt for dedicated hosting. 

Where Can You Find the Best Dedicated Server?

You will find many of the popular hosting providers offering dedicated servers on the whole spectrum of price and flexibility. However, here we are listing out the top 3 dedicated hosting provider companies in Bangladesh.

Final Words

I think you have already understood why a dedicated server is important and when it is important for you. Well, it’s time for you to observe the traffic, space, page speed, and other facts and consider whether you should switch to dedicated hosting or not. 

So, think wisely and if required upgrade the server ASAP for the best for your business.